I am an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Systems, at Tel Aviv University. I also serve as the Head of the Advanced Communication Center (ACC).

I am interested in a variety of questions where information theory and statistics play a role, including problems in communication, data compression, computation, combinatorics and graph theory, high dimensional statistical inference, statistical signal processing, and data science. 

Short Bio

I received my Bachelor's degree from the Technion, and both my Masters and PhD degrees from Tel Aviv University, all in Electrical Engineering. Before joining the department in 2013, I was a postdoc in the Information Theory and Application Center (ITA) at the University of California, San Diego, and also worked in finance as a quantitative analyst for the D.E. Shaw group ​in New York. Prior to my graduate studies, I worked as an engineer and team leader in communication and signal processing, for the Israel Defense Force and in the Hi-Tech Industry. 

Recent News

[June 2021] My PhD student Shahar Stein Ioushua has received the Google Scholarship for Women in Computer Science. Congrats Shahar! 

[May 2021] Our paper "Deterministic Finite-Memory Bias Estimation", co-authored with Tomer Berg and Or Ordentlich, has been accepted to COLT 2021.

[April 2021] Our paper "Learning User Preferences in Non-Stationary Environments", co-authored with Wasim Huleihel and Soumyabrata Pal, has been accepted to AISTATS 2021.

[February 2021] My M.Sc. student Dror Drach (jointly advised with Or Ordentlich) has graduated. Congrats Dror! 

[July 2020] My PhD student Assaf Ben-Yishai has officially graduated. Congrats Assaf! 

[June 2020] Our paper "Binary Hypothesis Testing with Deterministic Finite-Memory Decision Rules"co-authored with Tomer Berg, Or Ordentlich and myself, has won the Jack Keil Wolf Best Student Paper Award at ISIT 2020. Congrats Tomer!

[May 2020] My PhD student Shahar Stein Ioushua has received the Clore Foundation Scholarship. Congrats Shahar!